Below is a list of frequently asked questions, these should solve most problems you may be having. Can't find what your looking for here? Send us a question, we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Ringtone Related

  1. What is a MIDI file?

    MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. It can be used to refer to the protocol, the interface and the file format. It was developed as a standard so musical instruments could talk to each other and so musical instruments could talk to computers. The protocol sends messages such as note on and note off. Because it is a list of instructions on how to generate sounds, a MIDI file is different from an audio file that actually includes the sounds. Thus, a MIDI file is much smaller than an audio file. A MIDI file is not based on visual notation, but on commands to turn notes on and off.

  2. How do I download ringtones?
    • Once you click on the song title, you will be taken to a download page.
    • Click the download link below the song title to begin your download.

    If you have further questions, send them to us.

  3. How do I play ringtones?

    Ringtones can easily be played in any audio playing application. For example, Windows Media Player, Winamp, QuickTime and RealPlayer are all viable options to hear ringtones.

  4. Do you post wav files?

    No, we do not. WAV files are considerably larger and we do not have the file space nor the bandwidth to allow users to download them.

  5. Can a MP3 file be converted into a MIDI file, and if so, how?

    Yes there are ways to convert MP3's to MIDI but it is a daunting task. Recently, we downloaded a trial version of a music converter software called "TS-AudioToMIDI." This software takes an MP3 and converts it to MIDI format, it is easy to use, but there are several options for you to use when converting the format. For example, you can convert the MP3 using a grand piano or acoustic guitar sound format. Its trial and error at first to see which sounds best and there are ways to change the settings of the conversion, once it is completed.

    Another way to do it is by downloading a program that converts MP3's to WAV files and then WAV files to MIDI. Its another option, but the time being I would try the software stated above.

  6. Do you have any song lyrics for these ringtones?

    A couple of years ago before the latest design and layout, MIDI Delight offered song lyrics for every ringtone on the site. But this became more of a burden than a pleasure when uploading new ringtones, because now we had to find the lyrics for the files too. The site is getting big now (in regards to the number of files we carry) and it is much easier to maintain without worrying about song lyrics.

  7. How do I add lyrics to a ringtone? What programm do I need?

    Here is a link that explains how to create ringtones with lyrics. They are called Karaoke files. Link:

  8. Could these ringtones contain viruses?

    Absolutely not, aslong as the .mid extension is present, you are no threat to retrieve a virus.

  9. How do you add a ringtone to a website?

    You can add ringtone music to your web page by adding the following HTML tags to your site code. Place the following tag anywhere between the <BODY></BODY> tags:

    <EMBED SRC="yoursong.mid" WIDTH=144 HEIGHT=60 AUTOSTART="true" LOOP="false">

    For more information, try this link: MIDI Studio - How to add MIDI to your homepage.

  10. What are those icons next to the songs names?

    The icons next to the song names help differentiate different attributes of the ringtone. You can view the list of icons and their descriptions below:

    • phone icon this ringtone is shorter in length and optimized for mobile phones.
    • sound icon this is a karaoke ringtone with lyrics.
    • sound icon this is a mp3 ringtone.
  11. Why are some ringtones bold?

    Bold font styled song names represent a ringtone that was added today.

Send to a Mobile Device

  1. How do I send a ringtone to my phone?

    On each songs download page is a section to send the ringtone to your phone. Just select a mobile provider, enter your phone number and click 'send'. You will receive a message to your phone with the attached ringtone. Consult your phones instruction manual to learn how to save and install the ringtone on your phone.

    To save time in filling out your mobile information for each song, just sign up for a My MIDI Delight account and fill in your information once. If you already have an account, login, go to the settings tab and fill in your mobile information.

  2. I did not receive my ringtone, what happened?

    Certain mobile providers, like Verizon, do not allow you to send ringtones to your phone. They use proprietary software that ensures you use their website or purchase ringtones seperately.

    Before you submit a ringtone to your phone, make sure you read your mobile providers instructions to see if its possible to send ringtones to your phone.

  3. Will I get charged to send a ringtone to my phone?

    MIDI Delight does not charge you to send a ringtone to your phone. The ringtone you choose is attached to an enhanced text message that we send to your phone. Normal text message charges apply. If you do not receive your ringtone, please make sure your mobile device or provider allows you to do so.

  4. Why isn't my provider listed?

    If you have a provider that is not listed, do not worry, just send us an email and we will consider for inclusion on the site.

Request a Ringtone

  1. How do I request a ringtone?

    You have to be a register user on our site to request a ringtone. Register today and you are on your way. Note that you are only allowed to request five songs per week, so make them count.

  2. Why can't I request more than 5 ringtones?

    Limiting the number of requests to five allows multiple users the ability to get their requests seen and possibly fullfilled.

Submit a Ringtone

  1. How do I play/view songs I have just uploaded?

    Unfortunately we do not allow users to play/view ringtones that were recently uploaded. We review each ringtone for copyrighted material. Once reviewed, you will receive an email notifying the status of your upload.

  2. Do you send ringtones directly in e-mail?

    No we do not. You can request a ringtone at the requests page. If that file is found we will send an e-mail to you stating that your request has been found.


  1. Is it ok to have more than one account on MIDI Delight?

    To protect the integrity of our we site, we do not condone the practice of creating muiltiple accounts on this site.

  2. Am I allowed to change my username?

    Certainly. First make sure the username you want to change to is not already in use. You can do this by typing in the username field on the Register page. If its available send us an email stating your old username and what you want to change it to. Please make sure you send your email from the address you registered with.

  3. How do I delete my account?

    Login to your account and choose the "Edit Profile" link. At the top right of your profile page is a link to delete your account. If you delete your account by mistake, send us an email and we will reactivate it.

  4. Why did you delete my account?

    MIDI Delight takes a firm stance against users who violate our Terms of Use. This is in order to protect the integrity of our system for the good of our community. Example violations include spamming, hate speech, pornography, etc. If the abuse was severe enough, then it will warrant an account removal.


  1. I submitted a comment but I do not see it, where did it go?

    All comments posted are first reviewed for profanity, spamming and abuse. Once approved you will receive an email stating your comment is now live.

  2. Can I delete a comment I made?

    Please send us the URL to the page that has your comment. Make sure you email us from the email address you associated with your MIDI Delight account.


  1. How do I advertise on MIDI Delight?

    We are open to many different options to fit your needs. Use the advertising request form to send a request for advertising consideration.

  2. What advertising options do I have?

    We have many distinct packages that cater to your needs. Fill out the advertising request form and we will send you a different options that exist.

Site Related

  1. If this site is viewable on a mobile device, would it be at a different web address?

    We currently do not have a mobile specific version of our site. We develop our site with the latest web developing standards that should guarantee a great user experience regardless of which device you use. If you find our site inoperable on a specific mobile device, send us an email and we will look into it.

  2. What is an RSS feed?

    RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an XML feed that facilitates content syndication. In other words, it's an easy way to stay up to date when your favorite site adds new content. Read more information.

  3. Jukebox Known Bugs

    The main issue is that there is no way to sync the playlist to the media player controls. Therefore, the pause, fast forward and stop buttons will not stop/change when the next song is played in the playlist. The playlist will continue regardless of the controls clicked. To stop the queue from continually playing, you should clear the playlist.

    • Pause Button - The pause buttons pauses the song but it doesn't stop the playlist from playing the next song.
    • Fast Forward Button - The ff button works but the playlist will still wait until the duration of the song to switch to the next song in the queue.

    We hope to straighten these bugs out in the next release. If you have any suggestions or answers to these bugs please send us feedback.