Past Versions

The following is look at the various designs we have had over the years. Please be kind, everybody makes mistakes.

  • Version 1

    Version 1

    Oh the good old days of bad design. This file was almost lost forever, but found hidden deep inside one of our old computers. As you can see, this design was our first attempt at creating a website without taste...

  • Version 2

    Version 2

    This design began our "blue" phase. Although blue heavy, this site was a much better expression of design and layout. Perhaps a little too much blue, but just wait until you see the next design...

  • Version 3

    Version 3

    Attempting to create a small, more condensed website; this design succeeded but failed in color scheme. You will also notice our first attempt at gradients (navigation background), but was a solid attempt nonetheless...

  • Version 4

    Version 4

    Our "blue cube" phase was up next. This design made use of cubism at its finest. Overall, this design was enjoyable but that blue color still was a little too strong. The next layout was a much better improvement...

  • Version 5

    Version 5

    This cube layout turned out to be a big hit with users. This was also our introduction to CSS and proper web design techniques. The blue was properly offset by the black background, which made for a clean and simple design...

  • Version 6

    Version 6

    This version brought us to our first design without the sky blue color. This also implemented our first attempt at using a database backend for the content of the site. A choice that has since been a wise move...

  • Version 7

    Version 7

    We went with the more "corporate" structure of a three column layout. Added features like a style sheet switcher, which provider the user with different color schemes for the site. Tan. white and various other colors filled this sleek design...

  • Version 8

    Version 8

    This design brought a fluid layout with nice earth tones. This design featured easy navigation, tab browsing, easy ratings and user comments. Clearly a vast step forward from the previous design...

  • Version 9

    Version 9

    This design introduced us to our "golden" era. This design offered aesthetically appealing tones with easy to use navigation and easy to use functionality.

  • Version 10

    Version 10

    Our current design features simple a darker look that provides a cleaner look and feel.